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ANDERSON, Cris – Percussion

ANSON, Bev – Euphonium

BARTHEL, Lynn – Clarinet

BEARD, Philip – Trumpet

BISHOP, Lew – Bassoon

BISHOP, Marilyn – Librarian

BLOOM, RichardClarinet

BOOKER, Paul – Horn

BOSS, Rosemary – Clarinet

CLARK, Tom – Tuba, String Bass

COMO, JoeTuba

CRAIG, Barbara – Oboe

DAVIS, JeanFrench Horn

DERHAM, Dan – Trumpet

DICKSON, Sheila – French Horn

DOWLING, Mary – Clarinet

FRY, Randy – Bari Sax

GAISER, Bob – Clarinet

GARY, David – French Horn

GREEN, Linda – Clarinet

GRIFFITH, Sharon – Vocalist

GUMMER, Chlele – Percussion

HAWKES, Stephen – Tenor Sax

HELM, Tom – Euphonium

HERRING, NeilAlto Sax

HINTON, Jim – Trumpet


HOPPER, Bill – Clarinet

HOVDEN, Bernie – Clarinet

JACOBS, Greg – Trumpet

JOHNS, Bob – Trumpet

JOHNSON, AnthonyAlto Sax

JONES, John – Tuba Eb

JORDAN, Mary – Clarinet

KALKMAN, Sue Scully – Tuba

LEA-McKENSIE, Genie – Oboe

LEMEREIS, Roxanne – Percussion

LEVINE, Alan – Flute, Piccolo

MANCIET, Lorie – Percussion, Flute

McAFEE, Will – Trumpet

McCORMACK, Inge – Librarian

MILBRATH, Mike – Trombone

MOON, Bonnie – Flute

MORCOMB, Roger – Percussion

MOULTON, Barbara – Flute

NEELY, Sharon – Clarinet

PEDROS, Lucia – Clarinet

PITCH, Aleta – Trumpet

PREZIO, Carol – Flute

RAY, John Z. – Trombone

ROSE, Roger – Trumpet

RYAN, Tim – Bass Trombone

SCHMIDT, Linda – Clarinet

SHIRK, Adele – Librarian

SHIRK, Val – Tuba

SILVERMAN, Neil – Tenor Sax

STIENON, Elaine – Flute

STARE, Dave – Trombone

SUBLETT, Brian – Trumpet

THOMAS, CraigTrombone, Euphonium

THOMPSON, Pat – Trombone

TURNER, Beth Ann – Percussion

TURNER, GeraldTuba, String Bass

TUSCHER, Mary – Clarinet

WATSON, Donna – Alto Sax

WEBER, DebBass Clarinet

WEST, Tom – Alto Sax

WHITEHOUSE, John – Alto Sax

WITTHOHN, Betsy – Flute

WUOPIO, DickTrumpet

YARNELL, Dennis – Trumpet